Book Review: 13 rue Thérèse, by Elena Mauli Shapiro

Elena Mauli Shapiro, born and raised in Paris, has written a novel with a wonderfully colorfully Parisian setting. When American academic Trevor Stratton arrives in Paris, he finds a small, checkered plastic box tucked away in the back of a filing cabinet in his new office. Bewitched by both his clerk and the artifacts he finds within the box, he follows the life and story of Louise Brunet, recreating her story through the collection of items she's left behind - a white lace glove, a postcard, a datebook, a letter.

13 rue Thérèse in one word: unexpected. I did not expect the galley to show up on my front stoop. I did not expect the novel to twist and turn the way it did. I did not expect to piece together an entire history from the clues scattering the pages. I did not expect color photographs, handwritten notes, or passages in French. I did not expect it to end the way it did. I did not expect it, in fact, to be so unexpected.

Nor did I expect to write one of the shortest reviews to be found on this blog, but sometimes it's good to be unexpected.


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Thanks to Reagan Arthur of Reagan Arthur Books for sending me a copy of this book for review.


  1. This is one book I would like to read. I thought the cover was gorgeous too.

  2. Short reviews are good too. Most of mine are just a collection of impressions the book left me with. I've been curious about Rue Therese because the cover is so lovely, but, ehn, I'm not big on the 'unexpected' stuff. Maybe I'll wait a while with this one.

  3. Heehee, I agree with your review :) I really liked this one for the same reasons. I'm a fan of short reviews (always afraid someone will spoil a book I haven't yet read) and I think this one is perfect!

  4. This sounds really interesting. I've seen it mentioned here and there, but now I'm convinced I must read it. Thanks!

  5. This book definitely caught my eye at bookstores, but I love your description of the unexpectedness of this book. I think I'll have to request a copy from my library pronto.

  6. You've piqued my interest with your review. I'd like to find it on my doorstep as well!

  7. Mystica - It is pretty, isn't it?

    Trish - It's definitely intriguing, but if you don't enjoy unexpected, not sure how much you'd like it.

    Mary - Thanks! I usually write MUCH longer reviews, but this just seemed to capture everything, so I figured I wouldn't waste the words.

    Beth - Hope you enjoy it!

    Nari - It's very eye-catching, and I really, really enjoyed it. The final copy has QR codes in it to view the photographs in larger scale online, if you're interested.

    Brenna - It was certainly a fun surprise!


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