The sun has finally returned... (A Week in Reading)

I think today is the first day I've seen real sunshine in two or three weeks. After days of mist, drizzle, fog, and weather I would generally associate with the words "grey," "England" and "miserable," I'm thrilled to have this peek at a blue sky. I'm hoping it lasts throughout the week.

Despite the crappy weather, it was a good week for this bookworm. I finished two books (The Great Typo Hunt and Bending Toward the Sun), and while neither of them were as lovely as Among Others, which I read the week before in abandonment of my 2011 reading guidelines, I still enjoyed both. I'm now diving into Age of Innocence, for the read-along-hosted by bookworm meets bookworm, and my initial thoughts amounted to an appreciation of my 21st-century marriage in place of a 19th-century marriage. I'm also just starting 13 rue Thérese, from Amy Einhorn. So far, so good.

In the spirit of reading more classics this year (I'd like to prove Twain's comment about classics wrong, if that is even possible) , I reflected on the experience of reading Wilkie Collins' The Moonstone in January, and asked for feedback on my "reflections" approach to writing about classics. After all, with the daunting canon of criticism written about anything termed a "classic," who am I to judge?

This past week also saw a fascinating article in The Huffington Post on book reviews and the struggle to keep them relevant and accessible. I recapped with a selection of my favorite passages here, and a lively discussion continues in the comments section. Thoughts? How do you keep your reviews relevant (if you review), or what do you look for in reviews (as a reader)?

I'm wrapping up my weekend with a Superbowl viewing (I'm rooting for the Packers, but only because I detest the Steelers, which is my right as a Ravens fan) and a dip further into 13 rue Thérese, complete with far too much food and beer for one day.

Here's hoping for a good Monday, and a week full of reading, writing, and discussion.

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  1. Sounds like a great week and I am definitely going to check out some of the posts that you have linked to.

    I wish I could say that it was cloudy here in Sydney Australia but we have just had the biggest heat wave on record, including the hottest night on record last Saturday. It has been sweltering and I think I have destroyed a good portion of the ozone layer with my air conditioner use. Fortunately a cool change came through yesterday afternoon!


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