Movies: Ruining the Book Since 1920

Ignoring the questionable hairdo and odd little smirk this guy is sporting, I love this:

Good to see the book is still alive, even in the face of radio, television, movies, and (gasp!) the internet. Pesky little devils, they are, hanging on for dear life.

Order one for yourself at Threadless for a mere $10.


  1. Isn't it great? I could furnish an entire wardrobe with fun t-shirts from Threadless.

  2. I like the shirt's design, though I have to disagree with the statement, partly at least. I think movies enliven the characters in stories and give them a distinct physical form.
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  3. Does it come in a different color? Would love to have them in grey for my brother. He loves to read and has a huge book collection, and I think this shirt is perfect.

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