Mark Twain Defines Classics (Quote of the Day)

" 'Classic.' A book which people praise and don't read." - Mark Twain
I'm trying to remedy that problem in my own reading habits this year. What about you? Do classics decorate your shelves? Do you read them, or just think about reading them?


  1. Oh yes, classics have been on my radar these last couple of years. I may not get to them all, but I'd like to at least be familiar with some of the well known authors' works.

    Heh, good quote! One could also say " 'Banned.' A book which people denounce and don't read."

  2. Trish - Good call! Banned books would definitely fall into that category.

  3. I have to admit that I read so many classics for uni that i've been on somewhat of a non-classic splurge the past couple of years.i do plan to rectify that this year though!

  4. What a fabulous quote! I just highlighted your site & this quote to the Coffee and a Book Chick Facebook site. :)

  5. They decorate my shelves and I read them! I love a good classic I have to admit. I do get where he is coming from though. I suspect a lot of people would identify with that sentiment.

  6. Bex - I know that feeling. I'm turning back to them now, after a few years of detox from school-ish reading.

    Coffee - Thanks!

    Becky - Mine too, which proves it can work both ways, but imagine the number of classics we'll never get to, even with the best of intentions.


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