On Breaking My Rules for Among Others

This is for all the libraries in the world, and the librarians who sit there day after day lending books to people.

This dedication is the perfect example of why I don't set strict reading rules for myself. If my guidelines were hard and fast rules, I would have forbidden myself the spontaneity of seeing a book reviewed and immediately clicking "order" (complete with overnight shipping). Two days after first hearing of Among Others, a book released by Tor last week, I am one hundred pages in. And loving it.

I was first turned on to the title when my wonderful husband sent me a link to the io9 review. Part ode to the company of books, part fantasy adventure, this totally my kind of book.

"There are some awful things in the world, it's true, but there are also some great books. When I grow up I would like to write something that someone could read sitting on a bench on a day that isn't all that warm and they could sit reading and totally forget where they were or what time it was so that they were more inside the book than inside their own head."
Man, am I glad I threw the guidelines out the window on this one. Jo Walton is an author I'd never heard of before this, but I'm looking forward to discovering more of her work.

Yet more explanation of why I can't stand To-Read lists.


  1. I don't read a lot of fantasy...but this one actually sounds really good! Thanks for sharing :-)

    And I just finished The Great Typo Hunt...hope you're enjoying it too.

  2. I'm with you on the whole 'reading list' thing. I have a loose assortment of books, titles and authors I've collected that I would like to read, but I have to leave room for spontaneity too. I also don't hesitate to re-shelf a book if it's not doing anything for me, no matter how 'recommended' and popular it is.

    Isn't it great discovering new authors? I love when that happens.

  3. I can't stand rules, either, which is why I never do challenges. I read what I'm in the mood for. Admittedly, even the Canada Reads program, which I want to read for in order to be able to contribute, feels restricting. I have to read certain books before the debates, see, and maybe I'm in the mood for something else.

    I'm going to check out Walton's book, because you and are are very much alike and it's so possible I'll love it too. I have to admit, though: man, that cover is cliché.

    PS. I read part of the Great Typo Hunt standing up while shelving books. I decided I didn't in fact want to read it, because as a copyeditor it's so easy to get caught up in stuff like this (and bolster ego) and after seven years, I want to be a bit more relaxed than anal or eager to point out or make fun of people's mistakes. I do like the idea of the friends on a road trip, though. :)

  4. Whoops, I meant, you and I are, not you are are.

    See? :)

  5. Damn. We don't have it in the store.

  6. This definitely sounds like something I shouldn't pass up - thanks for putting it on the radar...let me jump to my Nook and download! :)

  7. I love Jo Walton! I read her Still Life with Fascists trilogy earlier this year and was delighted by it. I cannot wait to read this one -- plus I think I'm going to be able to go to a talk and signing with her in February. (Yay)

  8. Booksploring - I do, but a lot of the book references are lost on me. Still, the effect is the same, and it's excellent so far, if a little slow at times. I actually set Typo Hunt aside to read this one (must update my sidebar!) but I liked what I've read so far.

    Trish - It really is great. And now I have her whole backlist to explore, too.

    Steph - I know what you mean. I'm participating in my first read-a-long next month and even that is a lot of commitment. From what I know of your reading tastes, I think you will like Among Others. It's very ode-to-books-and-escapism, and also a fairy tale, and also a coming of age story... and now I'm just starting to write my review in a comment box.

    Coffee & a Book Chick - I hope you like it! It just SO caught my attention that I couldn't pass up - and I'm glad I didn't!

    Jenny - I'm so excited you've heard of her. I hadn't (before this, anyway), and now I am SO looking forward to reading her past works. Where is the talk/signing? I wonder if she's doing others... (jealous).


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