Great Photo Friday: Books as Centerpieces

Planning a dinner party? Don't want to shell out on massive flower arrangements? Consider using books as a colorful way to brighten a white tablecloth - and raise small flower arrangements to a more suitable height for a large table. All photos courtesy of Don Bryant Photography.


  1. Yes, what a great idea! There's a website I came a cross recently where one can order a random assortment of antique books for decorative purposes. Books are so warm and beautiful, so why not?

  2. Coffee - Thanks! They are actually from my own wedding, so I'll take that as a compliment, although most of the credit goes to Don Thompson, our photographer.

    Trish - I got all of our books at the library, the antique store near my house, and the clearance section of B&N. I used all hardcovers and removed the jackets, and presto! I spent a whopping $40 for the entire thing. Well, not including flowers, of course...


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