Local Books App from Library Thing - A Tool for the Traveling Reader

Travel much? Read much? Then Librarything has the perfect app for you - Local Books. The app has been out for some time, but for some reason just hit my radar (And I've downloaded pretty much every other free book-related app for my iPod. Even some not-so-free ones).

The Local Books app shows you local bookstores, libraries, book places and bookish events near you. Each location that appears is complete with photos, a detailed description, and, for events, the date and time to be there.

What more could the bookish traveler need when exploring a new city? Or, for that matter, what more could us bookish residents ask for when seeking to squeeze every last bit of literary life out of our homeplaces?

Local Books is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Anyone know of something similar for other platforms - the Droids, Palms, Blackberries and other smartphones of the world??

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