Great Bookmark Friday: Nightlight Bookmark

A few months ago, I posted a Great Bookmark Friday featuring a lamp with a little bookmark ledge to hold a book:

Now, I can do you one better - a bookmark/bookstand/nightlight/stroke of genius - the Mark Night Light Bookstand. And the best part? It is for sale.

[Book off, light on]

[Book on, page marked, light off]

Pretty clever, no? I'm wondering how well it would work for a paperback vs. a hardcover. I have a thing against breaking the spines of books, if it is at all possible to avoid it. It looks like the angle on the triangle isn't so bad, so maybe it wouldn't be a problem. Regardless... pretty genius. Of course, now I can't seem to find one actually on sale anywhere. Has anyone seen this floating around out there in the interwebs land?


  1. What a novel idea! LOL Guess neither would work with a Kindle or Nook huh? I still want one.
    Reading,Reading & Life

  2. It would if you had one of those flip cases for the Kindle or Nook!


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