Great Idea Friday: Books as Jewelry

A few months back, I posted about a company that turned old books into purses - to mixed responses. There are those that found the book purses really cool, and others that balked at the idea of tearing apart a book in order to make a fashion accessory. Well, I'm back at-cha with another book-as-wearable-art site, this time turning pages and pages of a book into jewelry: Littlefly.

What are your thoughts? Awesome way to display the written word, or too much book destruction for you?

(All images are Littlefly's)


Many thanks to Shelf Awareness, who originally posted the link.


  1. The book destruction is a little hard for me to get past at first but those pieces are so lovely I think I could live in denial that a book was harmed for them. Thanks for this!

  2. I don't like destroying books, but I like what I see in those pictures!


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