BBAW: Unexpected Treasures, or Books I Read Because Other Bloggers Made Me

We all know book bloggers - like yours truly, here - like nothing more than to convince someone else to read a book they otherwise might not have picked up. Sure, it's also nice to have book conversations, talk about new books we're all jointly excited for, and the like. But really, fellow book bloggers, aren't you giving yourself props every time someone reads a book just because you told them to? Don't deny it. You love it.

So, in this spirit, today I'll be talking about the books that I have read on a fellow blogger's recommendation. And I'm going to admit, this is hard. There are a lot of books I want to read because of other recommendations - American Music comes to mind, after reading Rebecca's glowing review at The Book Lady's Blog, as do numerous titles recommended by Thomas at My Porch (he always has books I've never heard of), and In the Train, as recommended at The Dewey Dives and The Dudes.

But a book I've already read because of other blogger's recommendations? Only one comes to mind. Not because there aren't more, but because I read so haphazardly that I rarely remember the "why" of a book's journey to my shelves. This one stood out, though: Day for Night, following Boswell and Books' review in February. And I didn't regret that decision in the least; I absolutely loved Reiken's latest novel.

And can I just say that I hope you'll read it too, based on my or Daniel's suggestion. Or Rebecca's, because she reviewed it too. Because we all get a thrill when our recommendations don't fall on deaf ears, and actually convince people to read something new.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something.* But then, they are probably selling books, so listen to them anyway.

*Credit to The Princess Bride.

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