Great Drinkin' Friday, In Which We All Play Literary Drinking Games

Happy Friday! In honor of the weekend, let's have a toast. No, several toasts. Oh hell, let's just play a literary drinking game or two. A few weeks ago, Jezebel featured an article on drinking games based on all of our favorite classics. The article stems from a NYTimes piece (also worth reading) in the Sunday Book Review that stated, "rules for drinking are not so different from rules for writing."

I would argue that these games are only further proof that bookworms are not isolated people, contrary to the NYTimes article that I discussed in my Monday post, "An Engaged and Approachable Bookworm."

As with all literary lists, some of these games are better than others. I rolled over laughing at a few, including David Foster Wallace (drink every time a sentence has three or more conjunctions) and Virginia Woolf (go buy some flowers, and then, if you have any time left, drink). I confess I've never been a huge fan of Woolf, though.

The comments section provides just as much fun as the original article. I'd add a few to the list:

James Joyce: Drink every time Joyce writes a sentence in stream of consciousness.
Dan Brown: Drink every time a sentence lacks a subject, verb, or other essential component.
Lord of the Rings: Drink every time someone goes into the woods or out of the woods.

Any more? What game will you be playing this weekend?


  1. Haha! Literary drinking games sound like great fun! How about Palahniuk every time a gory word comes up? Or Irvine Welsh everytime someone swears? My boyfriend is reading a lot of Terry Brooks at the moment, and he's be very quickly drunk every time the characters had a 'simple breakfast of bread and cheese/berries that they found'

  2. Haha yes! I am reading the Wheel of Time, and I could probably get drunk pretty quickly on the same basic premise.


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