Brief Blog Hiatus

Hello all! Sorry to have lapsed in posting. I have been in the throes of moving - which means all of my precious books are cooped up in ugly cardboard boxes - and starting a new job, and trying to plan a wedding and maintain some ounce of sanity in the process. My fiancé could tell you that I'm only doing a so-so job of that last bit, though...

But I digress. The point of this post was simply to inform you all that because I am currently without internet in the house until next week, and am a bit crazed for time, I will be taking a step back and won't be posting until next Wednesday at the earliest (to celebrate my hopefully-then-working WiFi at home!).

Stay tuned, though, because I have a plethora of awesome reading quotations, and I have some great books to tell you all about...


  1. Take your time! We will all be here when you return! And oh my, what an awful lot of changes -- I only got married last year, and I thought I was literally losing my mind! I can't imagine having to add a new job and moving on top of that!! You go, girl! :)

  2. My internet just came back after a crazy week! welcome back.


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