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Has anyone else noticed a recent surge in the popularity of typewriters? They seem to represent an idyllic era of writing history, allowing writers faster, neater writing than basic pen and paper without offering the distractions of the computer and the internet. The development of typing skills when typing skills mattered and spelling and grammar came from the brain, not the squiggly lines on your word processor.

Antique typewriters aren't actually that difficult to track down on e-bay or at flea markets in most areas, but finding the spools and ink for them can prove more problematic. But not to fear! One particularly clever artist has recently come up with a way to link a typewriter to a USB drive on a computer, offering writers the typewriter experience without the difficulties of self spell-check, printer jams, ink blotches, etc.

Pretty cool, huh? For a mere $400+ dollars, you, too, can have your very own pre-made USB typewriter. Or, for $150, you can get a kit to build your own. Purchase here.

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  1. This is actually really cool! But there is no way I could live without my spell checker.


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