Do You Tweet?

Last year, I gave up arguing and, quite reluctantly, started my Twitter account (@ofabookworm) . Our publicist asked me to sign up to see who's talking about books, and who we could get in touch with about possible reviews of some of our titles (yes, tweeters, publicists and marketing people use Twitter research to find that kind of information).

I've since grown into my Twitter rather slowly. I'll post frequently for a day or two, then wane off as I get distracted. But even with my limited use - something I'm aiming to improve, with the help of HootSuite - I am astounded at some of the connections I've made. I've identified a few possible review outlets for our books, sure. Beyond that, though, I've "met" some great, book-loving people, discovered wonderful articles about books and book-related things, and even gained a few followers in the process.

It's more than just a platform to talk about what you had for breakfast, or whine about some inconvenience of the day. Of course, people do use it as such a platform, but the solution to that is simple: don't follow them.

Author J. Robert King, who writes for Angry Robot, argued the case for Twitter quite well in his recent blog post, which brought all of this to the forefront of my thinking. So if you've been thinking about tweeting, I'd like to add my argument to King's and say it's worth a shot, whatever your motivations. With over 1 million users, you are guaranteed to find a group that's worth your time.

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