Bloggiesta Finish Line

Due to some unforeseen computer difficulties and a very hectic schedule this weekend, I didn't get to do quite as much for the Bloggiesta as I had hoped. That being said, I did manage to complete a few mini-challenges and put some thought into how I will go forward with my blog from here:

Writing Your Blog To-Do List (hosted by The Blog Improvement Project) - I've come up with some short-term goals (some of which I've done already) and some long-term ones that will hopefully improve traffic and content (which will therefore drive more traffic and better content... it's a cycle, see?)

It's All About the Numbers
(hosted by There's a Book) - I already had Google Analytics installed (I've been tracking all you people, you know), but learned a few new things about how to use it with this mini-challenge

RSS Mini-Challenge (hosted by Puss Reboots) - My RSS feeds are set-up in the top of my sidebar, and now my new goal is to learn how many people subscribe to them.

So that's three mini-challenges, not my intended five, but it will have to do!

I did have more success with culling my Google Reader to a more healthy level (following the steps from last year's Bloggiesta mini-challenge "Get Out From Under the Feed Reader" at The Book Lady's Blog). I trimmed blogs I no longer read (nothing personal, I swear, I used Rebecca's recommendation of the Google trends tab to determine which ones I don't read as often). I also broke my blogs into better folders to make them a bit easier to follow.

I didn't get a chance to discover too many new blogs, but I'm aiming to do that this week. Taking recommendations!

Thanks again to Natasha at Maw Books for hosting the Bloggiesta challenge, and getting me focused on what I'm doing with the blog.

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