Great Bookmark Friday (part 2)

Following last week's post, I found some more great bookmarks to save your place in all those weekend reads...

Mark-my-time bookmarks. Absolutely practical for those of us that get lost in our reading. (Really Good Stuff, $8.95)

Sadly, this one is only a design and isn't for sale... which is too bad because it's an absolute stroke of genius. (As seen on Coolest Gadgets)

Run, man, run! (ThinkGeek, $9.99)

The Help! Bookmark. (Design boom, $26)


  1. Oh, such fun! I especially liked HELP!, I'm stuck in a good book. Oh, so very clever. I've designed a few for the bookstore, but have yet to market them.

  2. The last one if really cute! I tend to use ticket stubs...

  3. Kerry.....these are some of the coolest things in the world of books.....where in the world did you find these?

  4. These are great! I love the one that is trying to escape from the book.


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