Some Changes & An Advance Apology

For those that haven't heard yet, I'm moving! My fiancé has accepted a position in Baltimore, so he and I are relocating out of NYC and into to the lovely suburbs of Maryland. I grew up in Annapolis - see my gushing post on Michener's Chesapeake for more Maryland love - so I'm thrilled, although sad to be leaving New York (and with it my friends and my job).

This means that in the next three months, I will be job hunting, car purchasing and house hunting... while planning an October wedding. So posts and reviews may start to peter off a bit, though I will certainly do my best. Apologies in advance for any slow weeks.

That's all for today (see, the craze has already begun), but I will be back this week with a review of The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott, some thoughts on the Wheel of Time (this re-read is taking up most of my reading efforts at the moment), and hopefully another review, this one of The Swan Thieves (audiobook).

Happy Monday!


  1. I'm sure it will be great to be back home in Maryland, but who wouldn't miss New York? I hope you have a smooth transition.

  2. Wow!-- You will be a busy lady but those kind of projects are fun as long as you keep everything in perspective and don't stress. Wishing you much success with all the hunting and planning!

  3. I keep trying to get back to Maryland myself. I graduated from Loyola, and my Mom now lives in Annapolis. Gorgeous area, with proximity to DC and not all that far from NYC. Good luck with your move.


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