Great Bookends Friday (Part 2)

Following up on last week's post on great bookends, here are a few more ways to decorate your (already overcrowded) shelves...

I used to have much cooler HP bookends (still do, back at Mom's house!), but these were the only ones I could find still available. Oh well, they are still certainly very fun.
Available from Mookie Gifts, $49.99

The perfect way to keep your Beta Fish from seeing each other!
Available from Urban Outfitters, $58

Birds on branches. Like I said in my post on bookcovers, I just have a thing for birds.
Available from Barnes and Noble, $49.95

Love this little pup!
Available from Barnes and Noble, $39.95


  1. Have something like the dashchund but its an elephant!

  2. I love the Harry Potter book ends!

  3. What awesome bookends! *wants them*

  4. Love the hop, I discover so many wonderful book sites.
    Kelly Bookend Diaries

  5. What a fun post! I hopped over. Wonderful site. :)


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