Great Bookends Friday (Part 1)

I'm starting a new unintentional trend of Great Fridays. I can't help it... I love Fridays. Today I am featuring some really spectacular bookends (to decorate those really awesome bookshelves from Great Bookcase Friday Part 1 and Part 2). Personally, I rarely need bookends, as my shelves are crammed one end to the other with books (and often have slanty books propped atop those), but I love the idea of enough shelf space to warrant fancy bookends...

High five for books! Round of applause!
Available from Daily Planner, $27.50 (I've seen these elsewhere, too)

Quotation marks. What could be better to frame our favorite words?
Available from Barnes & Noble, $89.95

Rosie the Riveter Bookends. Girl Power!
Available from Uncommon Goods, $34.

Leaning men bookends. Holding each other up?
Available from Amazon, $27.

Does anyone else think it odd that the bookends are only shown with 2-3 titles in between? Wouldn't most people actually using bookends have more than that? I'd call that missing your target audience, myself...

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  1. It is odd that they only show a few books in each shot. I like the hands the best.


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