Great Bookcovers Friday

I've done Great Bookcases, so how about great book covers? Check out these awesome ways to spruce up your literature - or hide that shameful cover.

Make them think you're reading the great classics... or maybe you really are?
(Available at Book City Jackets)

Great bird frame, and other artwork.
(Also available at Book City Jackets)

Another great bird cover. I like birds.*
(Available from the HideABook Etsy Shop in multiple patterns)

The Vera Bradley option. Most likely available with matching purse, eyeglass case, mirror, wallet, etc. You know the drill.
(Available from Barnes and Noble)

Any other great book covers out there? There are a plethora of e-book reader covers, but surprisingly fewer book covers...


* So much so that I have a tattoo of one's silhouette. Mostly so I can say/write/type the word silhouette more often.


  1. I have a Vera Bradley cover - not because it's VB but because it was the only one I could find at BN the day I was looking. What I really like about it (and maybe other covers) is that my pb spine wasn't even cracked when I finished reading! I also like the attached ribbon bookmark.

  2. For those of us who grew up in a Depression Era household, there's the paper grocery bag book cover, which you can decorate yourself, or even use to take notes on the book you're reading. I sewed one out of fabric scraps a few years ago -- looks pretty on the bookshelf, and I can always find that particular book quickly. I like the ribbon attachment -- have to remember that next time.

  3. The book covers are pretty, but I use my Book Buddy all the time, so I'd probably never use one.

  4. lol...wish i would have had a book cover when i took a walk on the 'trashy' side and read 'sTori Telling' by tori spelling. hee he. i actually took the jacket OFF of the book when i took it out in public. pathetic of me, i know.
    love the little birdy cover!

  5. THAT FIRST BOOK COVER IS TERRIBLE! As a true admirer of Herman Melville, I must protest. The whale's name was "Moby Dick." The title of the book is "Moby-Dick." That is just terribly, terribly shameful, and I abhor it.


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