Great Book Purses Friday

Ok, book-loving ladies. Are you sitting down? I'm not much of a purse-fanatic myself, but these are just too cool to not pass on to all the lovely booklovers out there in the blogosphere. From Rebound Designs:Yes, that's a purse. Made out of a book. I'm torn between loving this nifty little bags and hating them for what they are. The concept is really interesting, but the thought of tearing a book apart to make it... well that just breaks my heart a little. Thoughts? Are these cool enough to overcome the standard booklover's hatred of book destruction?

To be fair, the website states, "Most of these books were damaged or being thrown away to begin with, I don't cut up valuable books or books in fantastic condition. I take great care to find books that are already falling apart or are unwanted, like out of date textbooks." They also offer to send the interior pages along with the purse when purchased, if interested.

This is just a small sampling of what's available - see the full listing of products at Rebound Designs! Featuring everything from Doctor Zhivago to The Original White House Cookbook to Nancy Drew... and much more.

I'm wondering if I could fit my standard never-leave-the-house-without-it supplies - book, iPod, phone, wallet, planner, pen, etc - into one of these. Maybe the Shakespeare one? If only I had a spare $155 lying around to find out...


  1. For the bibliophile who has everything, this is grrrreat! Surely you have a book in your collection that you could pursify.

  2. I don't know, something about that last purse grates on my nerves. The books don't look well-loved and worn out, they look new. Tearing out the pages of the complete works of Shakespeare to have a place to put your tampons... It's not right.

  3. Moi - I don't own any books I'd be willing to take apart! Plus I'm not that crafty...

    Disturbed - you're right, they don't look heavily worn. Maybe the inside pages are more so. Like I said, I'm still torn btw loving the concept and hating the process...

  4. Hmm. After some initial hesitation, I have to come down on the side of these being fabulous. I've been to a lot of garage sales, charity shops, etc. where they can barely GIVE away the used books, many of which look as though they'd barely been opened. And look at the sort of books she's used: outdated encyclopedias, Harry Potter books (the world hardly has a shortage of those); a cheap edition of Nancy Drew (also hardly in scarce supply); and a single volume containing all of Shakespeare -- probably unwieldy with tiny, near-illegible print. Unless the woman who makes these starts using antiquarian volumes or modern first editions, I don't have a problem with it.

  5. I think they're gorgeous, but they're not big enough for all the junk I carry around.


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