When I die...

My fiance has told me since pretty much our first few months of dating that if he dies before me, he requires bagpipes at his funeral. Myself, I'd never given much thought to what I want to happen when I die... until now. I've finally found something that I definitively want when I die. I want this tombstone:

Ok, maybe not this tombstone - I don't want anyone robbing graves in the name of giving me what I want. But I do want a similar tombstone.

The picture above comes from another blog, Savidge Reads, whose host has recently become a tour guide at the Highgate Cemetery in London (the tombstone was found in this cemetery). Author Audrey Niffenegger also gives tours there, and the cemetery features heavily in her most recent novel, Her Fearful Symmetry (reviewed by yours truly a few months ago).

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  1. Kevin has the right idea. My mom always insisted she have bagpipes at her funeral; the piper was disconcerted when we wouldn't let him play anything but "Scotland the Brave" as he entered (also her wish -it was her fave). Of course, my sis-in-law and I both wore hot pink sweaters with our black skirts to the service...

    Oddly enough, while I am half- Irish, my mom was all German.



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