NY Times Revisits E-Book Pricing

I know, I know, I go on and on about e-book pricing. But for the publishing industry (which in this case I use to incorporate the broader world of authors, writers, marketers, bookstores, etc), e-books are poised in a precarious position: they can make the industry, attracting new readers via new reading platforms, or break the industry, turning consumers away from print books in favor of the easier-to-access and cheaper e-books.

The NY Times posted a really useful article on Sunday regarding the pricing of e-books, complete with an analysis of a publisher's costs for the production, sale, distribution, and marketing of each book (not to mention overhead costs like salaries of people like me!). They extended this analysis into both print books and e-books, and actually, the profit margins are slightly surprising...

But I ramble. I can't summarize the article as well as you could just read it yourselves: NYTimes - Math of Publishing Meets the E-Book

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