Presidential Reading

In honor of Presidents' Day today (happy day off, for those of you that have one!), Huffington Post created a list of appropriate presidential reading. The list includes such well-known titles as Team of Rivals (the one that Obama made popular during the last campaign), John Adams (by the now-famous author of 1776, David McCullough) and The First Hundred Days (which focuses on FDR and the Depression, but came back into the spotlight around Obama's 100th day in office).

I'm sad to admit I have read exactly none of the titles on the list, although I have been wanting to read the John Adams biography for some time. I'd also like to add to the list Franklin and Winston, the story of the friendship between FDR and Churchill. I also have not read this one, but it has been calling to me from my shelves for some time now. I've also been wanting to read Game Change, a new title on the Obama/Clinton(s)/McCain/Palin campaigns. You can see a review of this one over at Bookgasm.

Notably missing from the list is Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, from the same author that brought us the ingenious but now overdone Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Any other suggestions for presidential reading?


  1. I won't be reading about the Presidents today either. :(

  2. Hi Kerry! Thanks for introducing me to your blog. I managed to read Team of Rivals by toting it around with me in Madrid for two weeks. You can imagine the stares I got hauling that out on the metro :-) I'd had it on my to-read list for about a year and I knew if I brought it to Spain, I'd get to it eventually (books in English are hard and expensive to come by).

    As someone who loves history but ordinarly finds history books difficult to get through, I thought Team of Rivals did a good job telling a story that I wanted to read (and continue reading). A several hundred page biography can only be so much of a page turner, but I'd recommend it ;-)

  3. Morgan, glad you found the blog! Thanks for the encouragement on Team of Rivals. I've been meaning to get to it for some time but I just keep picking up other books in its place... One day, I keep telling myself, I will actually read it...


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