Hope for All of Us Who Love to Hate Typos and Bad Grammar

Yes, there is hope for all of us who hate - and love to hate - typos and bad grammar and general bad editing! As reported by Teleread this week, Rich Adin has created a book Hall of Shame. The concept is quite simple: books will be added to the Hall of Shame not based on the quality of the story, but the quality of the writing and editing. Is the book full of typos? Poorly formatted? Full of inconsistencies? This is where readers can voice their opinions.

Publishers, fear not. There is an option for you to have your books removed from this terrifying list, if - and only if - you are willing and able to correct the mistakes in future editions and bring proof of the corrections to Rich Adin.

To participate in the Hall of Shame, readers must submit requested information (detailed on Adin's introductory post) to Rich, who will add any validated requests to the list of bad books. Both e-books and p-books are eligible. So bibliophiles, grammarphobes, and anyone else
thatwho* reads with a red pen in hand... have fun!

*Thanks to Lynda for catching this grammar mistake for me - seems I need en editor!


  1. ...that would be, "and anyone else WHO reads..."(last line), yes?


  2. Thanks for catching that! Duly noted and now updated - see change above.

    Hope you are surviving all that snow!


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