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It's good to know I'm not the only uber-nerd out there. I have company in the folks at Flavorwire, a pop culture website and blog (as far as I can tell). One of their recent releases? The 10 Best Songs About Libraries and Librarians. No, I'm not kidding - I couldn't make that up. It's just too good.

Highlights include "Lost in the Library" by Saint Etienne (instrumental, but declared "decidely bookish" by Flavorwire) and "There She Goes, My Beautiful World" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

I particularly like "Librarian" by My Morning Jacket: "Sweetest little bookworm buried underneath / is the sexiest librarian / Take off those glasses / and let down your hair for me. / Simply little beauty / heaven in your breath / Simplest of pleasures / the world at its best." I also really enjoyed the references to microfiche in "Young Adult Friction" - who wouldn't enjoy a song that can talk about microfiche without it sounding out of place?

You can listen to the songs (and purchase the MP3s) at the original Flavorwire post.

Any additions for bookish songs not to be missed?

(As an interesting side note, they've used the same picture of a stack of books on their post as I do on my blog page... maybe it's time for a more original picture?)

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