The Only Laptop Case That's Ever Made You Drool

In my many internet wanderings, I've stumbled across a fair number of odd and fantastic gadgets and gadget covers; this one takes the cake, by far. Thank god I have a MacBook (I never thought I'd actually be so glad to have a dysfunctional, out-dated and over-priced piece of gadgetry).

Read... set... turn your laptop into a book!

You can get this laptop cover (and some other, less cool, laptop accessories) at Twelve South.


  1. Do you remember the first Mac you got to play with (that I loaned to your parents when you were 3!)... funny all these years later you are still "hooked" by superior technology (I think Bill Gates should be tried at the Hague for crimes against humanity for foisting a subpar Operating System (OS) on the Planet- billions suffer daily 'cause of him

    as for the "book cover" at least people won't be stealing the MacBook

  2. Sadly I don't remember the first Mac - I do remember playing KidPix on MS DOS, though! And I never thought of it as an anti-theft device... smart.


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