The Power of Books

I give you fair warning, this is not such a happy story. But it is a bit of a hopeful story, and it convey the power of books to make us enjoy ourselves, our time, and our company, something I think it is important to remember in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Regina Holliday's story of her husband's love for Stephen King and the connection they formed over his writing, through sickness and in health, can be found on Regina's blog. Read this first, then continue...

Where would be without literature, without books? What would we be without the ever-reliable escape of a fantastic tale, the thought-provoking words of our top thinkers, the historical value of the writings of our predecessors? Is there any more powerful form of entertainment than the written word read on the page or aloud, whether it be to yourself, an audience of one, or in front of the masses?

Movies and plays and television and radio are not to be dismissed, but I cannot believe that bonding over a television show would have had the same outcome for Regina and her would-be-husband, and I cannot believe that a movie would have had the same influence on Fred through his illness. And therein lies the lasting power of books.

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  1. Thanks for blogging about that post. As you could tell that book meant all the world to us.
    -Regina holliday


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