Book Apps vs Game Apps

A recent report has declared game apps the bestselling apps for the iPhone and iPod from Aug 2008 to Aug 2009 - not all that surprising, really. But the same report also claims that in the last four months, book apps have prevailed over the evergreen game apps as the number one app category for both devices.

The full article, which I came across through today's Shelf Awareness link, was featured in this morning's Telegraph, and is worth the read.

The most interesting bit, I found, was the possible threat to Amazon's market share that successful iPhone/iPod apps could pose. Any thoughts?

I myself just got an iPod as an early birthday gift (THANK YOU) and it's already loaded down with audiobooks, e-book apps and reader apps... I could see how this multi-functional device could easily pose a threat to the uni-tasker Kindle (especially given that the Kindle is only compatible with Amazon products).

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  1. As I look to plunge into this world of e-books, apps, and the like I'm sure we'll have more and more to talk about... keep the good links coming.


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