Sarah Palin... again.

Palin seems to crop up all over the place on here, doesn't she? But then, she seems to pop up all over the place period, so maybe it's not so surprising. Today it's back to Palin's book, but not as you might expect (although yes, the pre-orders for her book are still on the bestsellers list(s), and yes, she is once again currently out-selling The Lost Symbol). No, this one is from today's Medio Bistro blog, GalleyCat, focusing on the cover image and a tie-in publication.

What it all boils down to is that Palin's book has such a cookie-cutter political figure book cover, it is just asking for parodies. And a parody is exactly what is coming. After all, why should Palin be the only one to reap in the cash? No, that would hardly be fair. Stay tuned for Going Rouge: Sarah Palin: An American Nightmare, coming from OR Books this fall.

To see the covers, check out the original GalleyCat post.

As a side note to Palin's autobiography: her book shares a subtitle with at least 20 other biographies and memoirs, including those of Benjamin Franklin, Ronald Reagan, Martha Washington, Condoleeza Rice and my personal favorite, guitars. How rogue can it be if it's already been done?

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