National Day on Writing

Today, October 20th, is not only Anna's birthday (Happy Birthday darling!), it's also the first ever National Day on Writing! The day was designed by the US Senate to honor those who write and to encourage people to start writing; more specifically, to do the following:
  • highlight the remarkable variety of writing we engage in today;
  • provide a collection for research on whether writing today has risen to new highs or sunk to new lows; and
  • help us help others to write better.
And for those of you thinking, "Well, but me? I'm not a writer," I can assure you, you most likely are. The Senate carefully included all forms of writing:

"Whereas the National Day on Writing honors the use of the full range of media for composing, from traditional tools like print, audio, and video, to Web 2.0 tools like blogs, wikis, and podcasts..."

Now, I'm not sure that podcasts would be officially considered "writing," but I like where they are going with that.

Thanks to The Book Case for sharing the link to this event.

For more information check out the day's official website. And then go write something!

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