Huffington Post Books Section

In a time when newspapers everywhere are cutting their book reviews section as eagerly as teenagers desperately try to rid their faces of acne, the Huffington Post is going against the current: they are starting a books section, known as HuffBooks.

The editor, Amy Hertz, seems to have a good grasp of the publishing world, and, what is more, will stand by the book to the very end. Her introduction article is an insightful and interesting read. Just a taste:

Because there's never been a better time or place. People who think books are dying don't understand the power of ideas to inspire. And people who think books will die at the hands of the Internet, don't understand the power of what happens when an engaged reader -- of both web and print content -- discovers new ideas, new thoughts, new thinkers, or remembers the impact of a classic. Word spreads faster than ever, and the ensuing debate helps refine ideas for the future.

The comments section of the article is although worth a browse.

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