Dan Brown vs Sarah Palin

Now there's a match-up I'd like to see in person. In actuality, though, the only contest we are likely to see is between their books: both bestsellers, both "on sale" now (I use hyphens because Palin's book is only in pre-orders). Yes, folks, Sarah Palin's autobiography, now publishing in November, is currently beating out The Lost Symbol for the #1 bestseller spot on Amazon. What this says about our reading habits as a country, or worse, our political tendencies, I choose to ignore at this particular moment.

No, instead of the usual doom-and-gloom that comes with my posts on readers' choices or ebooks, I am today going to focus on the positive outcomes of Dan Brown's books. As predicted, sales of related titles have started to trickle in - see today's PW article for more details. Personally, I have had enough of hating Dan Brown and what his books have done to our impression of reading (see previous post). Let's look on the bright side this Tuesday: a) people are reading and b) people are, we can see, interested in learning more about Brown's subjects. Isn't that what books are all about?

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