Banned Books Week: A Quick Follow-up

Sorry, guys, I know I'm due for some more original thinking here - it will come, I promise. Reviews of Her Fearful Symmetry and two Agatha Christie novels are in the works, and I'm reading my way through The Secret History. But in the meantime, a quick note on Banned Books Week, which took place Sept 25-Oct 3:

The Guardian, reporting on collected Amazon reports, noted that sales of And Tango Makes Three, the most challenged book of 2006, 2007 and 2008 (according to the ALA), peaked during Banned Books Week and the days immediately after. The book is challenged frequently on grounds of "homosexual undertones," which critics claim are thinly veiled under cute penguin cartoons. The story, based on true events, tell the tale of two male penguins raising an orphan penguin in the zoo. Clearly, this is threatening the morality of our nation's children.

But, as I predicted, challenging the book has only increased its popularity. I'd call that books 1, censors 0, if we were keeping track.

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