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Ack! Not many posts lately - I've been to Carlisle for work, a weekend dip into the 18th century (the Market at Washingtonburg event), and am still catching up.

In the meantime, here's a little non-book-related reading and a bit of a plug for a friend:

From a baby-eating sculpture in Switzerland to Mongolia’s giant statue of Genghis Khan, the world’s weirdest monuments display local quirks.

Lyndsey just had her first feature article published on the Travel and Leisure website. Of course I'm biased because she's a friend, but it's a great article on some unexpected monuments across the globe. I admire her dedication to travel writing - she's had a thing for Rick Steves since I first met her, back when she still had blue hair. I also admire the little statue of the peeing boy, appropriately titled "Mannekin Pis." I'm not sure what that says about my admirations, but there it is.

Review of Her Fearful Symmetry to come soon...

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