A Glimmer of Hope in the Ebook Apocalypse

First off, now that I've dubbed it the ebook apolocalypse - or should it be the Ebook Apocalypse, for emphasis? - I'm sticking with it. I like the implications.

Just a follow-up on yesterday's doomsday post: last week, following the chaos surrounding the pricing of ebooks on Amazon, Sony, etc., Robert McCrum of the Guardian stepped back and found some positives in our transitioning publishing world. Margaret Attwood, Jeanette Winterson and Alaine de Botton (what did you expect from a British journalist?) add up to proof that we haven't changed all that much, really. Read his article here.

It gives me hope that even as we change our mediums, or prices, or argue over DRM and all that jazz, someone can find ways in which the literary world is forever stagnant. Because isn't that why we read books, because they are permanent, unchanging and yet ever-adapting?

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