The Ebook Apocalypse, Addressed (A Round Up)

To sum up a few new twists and turns of the events in the ebook apocalypse last week:

Sony warns that ebook prices will have to drop in order to generate interest in the market (and, most importantly, to compete with Amazon's promise that all backlist ebooks in the US will be $9.99). Read more...

On the same day, Hachette book group spoke out against ebook pricing, predicting the doom of the hardcover book. Read more...

Lastly, and the one I personally enjoyed the most, The Bookseller Chick took the Sony Reader PRS 700* (seriously, Sony, you're going to need a better name than that to rival the Kindle) on a test drive. It seems to me that Sony could corner the ebook market, what with the Kindle only compatible with Amazon and Amazon-released ebooks, while the Sony can read many formats. Read more...

*I found it interesting that when I mentioned this article to my boyfriend, his reaction was "Sony makes an e-reader?" It amazes me that Amazon, with a more expensive and less compatible product, has already built a permanent home in our ebook imaginations. He's an iPod touch reader, himself, which The Bookseller Chick does discuss as a possible rival to Amazon.


  1. Interesting. I was leaning toward a Sony reader (in the unforseen future) but have a publishing friend who had 2 Kindles go/break on him and he's now content reading on his ipod Touch...something to consider I guess.

  2. I think if I end up with an e-reader it will be the iPod touch or the Sony. At least with the iPod you have a whole host of things you can use it for, and they have created what seems like dozens of apps for ebooks (even Kindle has an ipod/iphone app). And the Sony is making some changes to fix the main complaints (you have to plug in to a computer to charge or to get new material, mainly).


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