Creativity in the Digital Age

My last post of "ebook week" (I never did come up with a better name for it, although I'm quite proud of the Ebook Apocalypse) strikes what I hope is a happier note. Because really, what we should be doing now is not bickering about ebooks, ebook pricing, DRM, author royalties, publisher's salaries, or the declining book sales in brick-and-mortars. What we should do, instead, is figure out what we can do to adapt to these changes.

Just like Radiohead when they allowed consumers to pay what they wanted for their CD released in January 2008, author Douglas Coupland has done just that, finding a way to make it more fun, or perhaps more worth your while, to buy the physical product rather than the digital one: design your own book cover! Readers can put whatever they'd like on their own personalized copy of Generation A, which, according to the website, mirrors Coupland's Generation X (yep, he can lay claim to that catchy name).

Interesting that Generation A is about the difficulties of adjusting to a digital world - maybe Coupland is just one step ahead of us and all the bickering. Hopefully, by next Labor Day, we'll all be caught up.

[End: "Ebook Week"]

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