Tie-Ins to Promote Books

Last week, I posted about the success of Julie and Julia and Mastering the Art of French Cooking following the release of the movie. The cookbook was vying with The Time Traveler's Wife for the number one Amazon spot, which, not so coincidentally, was also released as a movie just recently. The success of these books only following their tie-in movies is a bit depressing to book snobs such as myself, but I tried to find the happy note by focusing on the fact that at least people were reading, and books were selling.

Now, with a new edition of Charlotte Bronte's (sorry, don't know how to make the little dots here) Wuthering Heights released as a tie-in to the Twilight books, the question is raised again: does it matter what motivates readers, so long as they are reading?

Read the full Guardian article on this; the author has some good insights.

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