On the Importance of Elemental Book Design

A fun link for a Friday - the most frequently found elements of fantasy fiction covers. The Publisher Files did the most formal study possible on the frequency of particular elements on those always-enticing fantasy books we love to hate and love to read. The most common element? A sword. The full study (in bar graph form, no less), is here, and I highly recommended taking a quick look (it's Friday! Stop working!).

My personal favorite quote from the post, just for a little added fun, came in response to the challenge that the study did not include "*cleavage*" (asterisks original): "I’m prepared to accept that our survey might not have been perfect. However, if we’d included cleavage we would have had to include bulging male pectorals, and who knows what else. The academic value of our study would have been undermined utterly."

And, just for good measure, a few prime examples:

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