The One Good Thing That's Come From Palin

Ok, the title clearly states my bias. I hate this woman. Everything about her. She is absolutely one of the most terrifying things that has ever happened in my political life (which, it should be noted, is all of 2 years long. Longer, I suppose, that I have been aware of politics, but I've only been a legal participant in the government for 2 years.).

Just today, I came across this blog posting from Sara Nelson, editor-in-chief of Publisher's Weekly (which ties with TONY for the be-all end-all of my weekly reading). The post is a week old now, but unlike most news stories rotating around this election, it still holds a valid point.

The list of books that Palin supposedly banned (which, as Dad pointed out, turned out to be a fake) wasn't only interesting because it pointed out (yet another) fault in this unlikely VP-candidate. Instead, it was the persistence with which the list was circulated that is truly fascinating. Why latch onto books? Why not the issues of abortions, birth control, etc? Sure, books are a safer argument. As Nelson points out, no one on either side of the party line likes the idea of censorship (at least not openly, anyhow). But I have to agree with Nelson that the one little gem of hope that we can derive from this fabricated list is the implied importance of books, and their availability, that was forwarded around with it.

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